Why Localise

why localize
  • Language website will dominate the Internet Usage over the years.
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  • Only 27% of world Internet users are English Speakers.

  • Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Russian, French and Korean cover 60% of World Internet Users.

  • New growth areas are developing nations with non-native English Speakers.

  • 61% of global growth comes from Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.

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  • India is ranked 2nd after China with 213 million Internet users.

  • People stay twice as long in their local language website (Site stickiness) compared to English and prefer to buy from their native language site.

    Identify your market and prioritize language

    Language plays a key role in Internet Marketing due to increase in web users browsing language website. One of the first step in Identifying the language requirement is to study the traffic on your current website. If current website is in English, and even if 10% of interest and enquiry is getting generated from regions where English is not the prevalent language, you are certain you have an opportunity to penetrate your presence there. Study the language spoken and size of the market to prioritize your language needs.

    Here are some indicators based on Internet Usage trends

    • Chinese will dominate the web: Chinese language will soon be the number 1, in terms of percentage share of world web users by language. In terms of number of Internet users, China has 517 million users. It is clearly going to dominate the web as the penetration of internet as per the latest estimate is just about 42.3%

      It makes huge sense to localize your website in Chinese, if you have some presence or wish to expand your market.

    • Spanish is the next big growth area: Spanish is another language with growing population of internet usage. The growing trend of spanish browsing their local spanish website & low penetration, means opportunity for adding Spanish as priority language.
    • High internet penetration in Japanese & Germany: Japanese and German language cannot be ignored as English is not the preferred language for commerce or even for general information. These are developed nations with high potential and cannot be ignored if you need your website presence in Japan and Germany.
    • Other Growth areas: Russian, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali and Tamil and South African languages websites are growing at a fast pace due to demand for region specific website. The growth in internet and tendency to browse local language website is continuing trend and as developing nations latching to mobile website, we have a whole world of opportunity.

    There is no denying that the future is in multi lingual websites that is beyond words.